What's at Stake: Characterizing Risk Perceptions of Emerging Technologies


論文アブストラクト:One contributing factor to how people choose to use technology is their perceptions of associated risk. In order to explore this influence, we adapted a survey instrument from risk perception literature to assess mental models of users and technologists around risks of emerging, data-driven technologies (e.g., identity theft, personalized filter bubbles). We surveyed 175 individuals for comparative and individual assessments of risk, including characterizations using psychological factors. We report our observations around group differences (e.g., expert versus non-expert) in how people assess risk, and what factors may structure their conceptions of technological harm. Our findings suggest that technologists see these risks as posing a bigger threat to society than do non-experts. Moreover, across groups, participants did not see technological risks as voluntarily assumed. Differences in how people characterize risk have implications for the future of design, decision-making, and public communications, which we discuss through a lens we call risk-sensitive design.