Gamification for Self-Tracking: From World of Warcraft to the Design of Personal Informatics Systems


論文アブストラクト:World of Warcraft (WoW) may be a source of inspiration to enrich the Personal Informatics systems user's experience and, at the same time, improve gamification design. Through the findings of a four-year reflexive ethnography in WoW, I outline how its game design elements support players in making sense of their own data, emphasizing how "game numbers" are turned into meanings. On the basis of the study results, I propose a series of design considerations to be used in the design of self-tracking systems, which recommend to embody data into digital entities, provide different analytical tools depending on the users' expertise through a flexible model, and foster the formation of "communities of practice" in order to support learning processes.


World of Warcraft(WoW)は,ユーザの経験を豊かにし,ゲーミフィケーションのデザインを向上させる可能性があります. 今回の結果を踏まえることで,セルフトラッキングの設計や学習プロセスを支援するための「実践的なコミュニティ」の形成を促進する.