Understanding Identity Presentation in Medical Crowdfunding


論文アブストラクト:People desire to present themselves favorably to others. However, medical crowdfunding beneficiaries are often expected to present their dire medical conditions and financial straits to solicit financial support. To investigate how beneficiaries convey their situation on medical crowdfunding pages and how contributors perceive the presented information, we interviewed both medical crowdfunding beneficiaries and contributors. While beneficiaries emphasized the serious of their medical situations to signal their deservedness of support, contributor participants gave less attention to that content. Rather, they focused on their impression of the beneficiary's character formed by various features of contributions such as the contributor's names, messages, and shared pictures. These contribution features further signaled common connections between the beneficiary and contributors and each contributor's unique involvement in the beneficiary's medical journey. However, the contribution amount resulted in judgement about other contributors. We suggest design opportunities and challenges that apply these results to the design of medical crowdfunding interfaces.