Single or Multiple Conversational Agents?: An Interactional Coherence Comparison


論文アブストラクト:Chatbots focusing on a narrow domain of expertise are in great rise. As several tasks require multiple expertise, a designer may integrate multiple chatbots in the background or include them as interlocutors in a conversation. We investigated both scenarios by means of a Wizard of Oz experiment, in which participants talked to chatbots about visiting a destination. We analyzed the conversation content, users' speech, and reported impressions. We found no significant difference between single- and multi-chatbots scenarios. However, even with equivalent conversation structures, users reported more confusion in multi-chatbots interactions and adopted strategies to organize turn-taking. Our findings indicate that implementing a meta-chatbot may not be necessary, since similar conversation structures occur when interacting to multiple chatbots, but different interactional aspects must be considered for each scenario.