Investigating the Role of an Overview Device in Multi-Device Collaboration


論文アブストラクト:The availability of mobile device ecologies enables new types of ad-hoc co-located decision-making and sensemaking practices in which people find, collect, discuss, and share information. However, little is known about what kind of device configurations are suitable for these types of tasks. This paper contributes new insights into how people use configurations of devices for one representative example task: collaborative co-located trip-planning. We present an empirical study that explores and compares three strategies to use multiple devices: no-overview, overview on own device, and a separate overview device. The results show that the overview facilitated decision- and sensemaking during a collaborative trip-planning task by aiding groups to iterate their itinerary, organize locations and timings efficiently, and discover new insights. Groups shared and discussed more opinions, resulting in more democratic decision-making. Groups provided with a separate overview device engaged more frequently and spent more time in closely-coupled collaboration.


個人および共有のタブレットのオーバービュー表示方法を変える(共有デバイスにオーバービュー(WO)、 個人のデバイスにオーバービュー(INT)、オーバービューなし(NO))と、どのようにグループの協調活動の変化が起きたかを調べた研究。旅の計画を立てるタスクを用いて調べ、WOはより多くの意見を共有し、議論し、民主的な意思決定を行った。INTはより頻繁に、密に結合したコラボレーションに多くの時間を費やした。