Toward Health Information Technology that Supports Overweight/Obese Women in Addressing Emotion- and Stress-Related Eating


論文アブストラクト:Emotion- and stressed-related eating (ESRE) is associated with weight management difficulties and is more likely to affect women than men. Additionally, health information technology (HIT) for weight management tends to be less effective for women than it is for men, and less effective for people who engage in ESRE. Therefore, this study explores how HIT can support overweight/obese women curb ESRE behavior. Study participants, all adult overweight/obese women (BMI ' 25), logged dietary intake for 10 days with the Lose It! smartphone app as an elicitation exercise. Cross sectional, semi-structured interviews (N = 22) were then conducted to explore technology support needs concerning ESRE behavior. Findings revealed participants had the following needs: holistic health goal development, building motivation to achieve goals, and assistance with handling stress. Resulting HIT guidelines include supporting holistic health goals, developing and sustaining motivation, exchange of emotional support, understanding of behavior, and change in ESRE mindset.