ChromaGlasses: Computational Glasses for Compensating Colour Blindness


論文アブストラクト:Prescription glasses are used by many people as a simple, and even fashionable way, to correct refractive problems of the eye. However, there are other visual impairments that cannot be treated with an optical lens in conventional glasses. In this work we present ChromaGlasses, Computational Glasses using optical head-mounted displays for compensating colour vision deficiency. Unlike prior work that required users to look at a screen in their visual periphery rather than at the environment directly, ChromaGlasses allow users to directly see the environment using a novel head-mounted displays design that analyzes the environment in real-time and changes the appearance of the environment with pixel precision to compensate the impairment of the user. In this work, we present first prototypes for ChromaGlasses and report on the results from several studies showing that ChromaGlasses are an effective method for managing colour blindness.