PageFlip: Leveraging Page-Flipping Gestures for Efficient Command and Value Selection on Smartwatches


論文アブストラクト:Selecting an item of interest on smartwatches can be tedious and time-consuming as it involves a series of swipe and tap actions. We present PageFlip, a novel method that combines into a single action multiple touch operations such as command invocation and value selection for efficient interaction on smartwatches. PageFlip operates with a page flip gesture that starts by dragging the UI from a corner of the device. We first design PageFlip by examining its key design factors such as corners, drag directions and drag distances. We next compare PageFlip to a functionally equivalent radial menu and a standard swipe and tap method. Results reveal that PageFlip improves efficiency for both discrete and continuous selection tasks. Finally, we demonstrate novel smartwatch interaction opportunities and a set of applications that can benefit from PageFlip.