Playing with Streakiness in Online Games: How Players Perceive and React to Winning and Losing Streaks in League of Legends


論文アブストラクト:Streakiness refers to observed tendency towards consecutive appearances of particular patterns. In video games, streakiness is oftentimes inevitable, where a player keeps winning or losing for a short period. However, the phenomenon remains understudied in present online game research. How do players perceive streakiness? How does it impact player experience (PX)? How should streakiness be taken into consideration for the design of PX? In this paper, we address these questions through a qualitative study of player discussions about streakiness in League of Legends. We found that players developed various ways to describe a streak. Both winning and losing streaks negatively impacted PX. Players devised numerous strategies to manage streakiness, among which disengagement was a primary means. We analyze streakiness as a social construct through which players coped with complex game systems. We discuss design implications for managing streakiness in online games.


対戦ゲームなどにおいてよく見られる、連勝した後に何故か連敗が続くなどといった傾向に関する様々な疑問について、「League of Legends」のプレイヤー達が過去にフォーラムで行った議論や対策を収集・分析することで定性的に研究しています。