From Pulse Trains to "Coloring with Vibrations": Motion Mappings for Mid-Air Haptic Textures


論文アブストラクト:Can we experience haptic textures in mid-air? Typically, the experience of texture is caused by vibration of the fingertip as it moves over the surface of an object. This object's surface also guides the finger's movement, creating an implicit motion-to-vibration mapping. If we wish to simulate a texture in mid-air, such guidance does not exist, making the choice of motion-to-vibration mapping non-obvious. We evaluate the experience of moving a pointer with four different motion-to vibration mappings in an interview study. We found that some mappings lead to a perception shift, transforming the experience. When this occurs, the pointer is no longer perceived as vibrating, interactions become more pleasurable, and users have an increased experience of agency and control. We discuss how to leverage this in the design of haptic interfaces.