Insert Needle Here! A Custom Display for Optimized Biopsy Needle Placement


論文アブストラクト:Needle-guiding templates are used for a variety of minimally invasive medical interventions. While physically supporting needle placement with a grid of holes, they lack integrated information where needles need to be inserted. Physicians must manually determine the correct holes based on the output of planning software - a workflow that is error-prone and lengthy. We address these issues by embedding a display into the template using electroluminescence (EL) screen printing. The EL display is connected to planning software and illuminates the correct hole. In an empirical evaluation with physicians and researchers from the medical domain, we compare the illuminated against the conventional template as used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guided prostate biopsies. Our results show that the EL display significantly improves task completion time by 51%, task load by 47% and usability by 30%.