Two Kinds of Novel Multi-user Immersive Display Systems


論文アブストラクト:Stereoscopic display is a standard display mode for virtual reality environments. Typical 3D projection provides only a single stereoscopic video stream; thus co-located users cannot correctly perceive the virtual scene based on their own position and view. Several works devoted to developing multi-user stereoscopic display, but the number of users is very limited or the technical implementation is complicated. In this paper we put forward two flexible and simple projection-based multi-user stereoscopic display systems. The first one, named TPA, is based on a triple-projector array and provides a 120Hz active stereo for three users. Two TPAs can be combined to form a six-user system. The second one, named DPA, is a dual-projector and easy-implemented system providing individual stereoscopic video stream for two to six users. Finally, a co-located multi-user virtual fireman simulation training system and a virtual tennis simulation system were created to verify the effectiveness of our systems.